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Flying Competition, Gosforth Park, Newcastle upon Tyne



Gosforth Park



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Landscape Park

Post Medieval



In 1566 Sir Robert Brandling acquired North Gosforth, and in 1760 Charles Brandling moved the family seat there from Felling, and employed James Payne to design Gosforth House. About half the township was then turned into a park as a setting for the house. This entailed taking the land out of agriculture, probably removing the hedges which had enclosed the open fields, and possibly even clearing a farm, or the village of North Gosforth. Then, over quite a long period, there was a lot of planting of trees, in large and small plots, and - as well as the house - the building of a park wall with gates and lodges, stables, walled gardens, a steward's house and an ice-house. The extensive eastern plantations and the lake, with a boathouse, may date from the time of Charles John Brandling (1802-26). In 1852 the Rev. R.H. Brandling sold the property to Thomas Smith, and in 1880 it was resold to be turned into a racecourse. LOCAL LIST




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