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Tyne and Wear HER(16754): Brenkley, Brenkley Lane, prehistoric enclosures - Details

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N Tyneside

Brenkley, Brenkley Lane, prehistoric enclosures





Ditched Enclosure


Iron Age

Physical Evidence

Two ditched enclosures were revealed during evaluation trenching in 2009. This was fully excavated in 2013 by Headland Archaeology. Three main phases of activity were identified on the site - an early Bronze Age cemetery, Iron Age settlement and medieval agricultural activity. The cemetery is represented by three cremation burials and a possibly related pit to the west of the excavation area. The Iron Age settlement consists of large rectangular ditches enclosing several concentrations of ring-gullies, pits and linear features. The central enclosed area contained large ring gullies that had been rebuilt several times. Other ring gullies and enclosures may relate to livestock management. The site was an important hub of Iron Age activity probably representing a well populated agricultural community. Radiocarbon dating from previous archaeological investigation suggests dates of 100BC-70AD for the eastern enclosure and 180BC-1AD for the western. This site probably continued to be used into the Romano-British period although how long occupation continued is unknown. A period of medieval activity is represented by a grain-drying kiln and rig and furrow system.




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