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Stella, Cromwell's Cottage






Post Medieval


Demolished Building

Opposite the Catholic church at Stella once stood a thatched cottage in which tradition states that royalist officers spent the night before battle. The cottage, which was an inn, was probably used as an officers' mess, while Stella Hall (HER 1694) was used as the headquarters. It was later given the name Cromwell's Cottage during the time the Protector's army was encamped on Stella Haughs on his travels to and from Scotland {1}. Cromwell left London on June 29th 1650 to march to Scotland to meet General Leslie who had defeated the English at Newburn Ford/Stella Haughs in 1640 (see HER 1297). By 15th July 1650 Cromwell's army was at Newcastle. They had rested at Whickham for two days. On July 22nd Cromwell crossed the Tweed and on September 3rd, met General Leslie at Dunbar, where the Scots were defeated, 4000 being killed and over 10,000 taken prisoner. On his return from Scotland, Cromwell camped his army at Ryton Haugh and he stayed at Stella Hall. Newcastle Corporation paid for a present worth £50 for Lord-General Cromwell while he was at Stella.




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