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S Tyneside

Cleadon Hills, South Shields Golf Club

South Shields




Golf Club

Early Modern



South Shields Golf Club was formed at a public meeting on 6th June 1893. 9 holes (but no bunkers) were laid out on 26 acres of land at Cleadon Hills belonging to Sunniside Farm, with a total yardage of 2540. The fields were divided up by walls so stiles had to be provided. The architect was founder member, Thomas Page. The annual rent for the land was £15. The Official opening of the course was on 28th October 1893. Sir Hedworth Williamson was elected president. An overdraft of £100 was taken out to build a clubhouse with a verandah, to buy a roller, turf cutter, spade and blackboard. In 1903/1904 the course was extended to eighteen holes. In 1908 the Durham County Golf Union was formed and South Shields was a member from the start. In 1913 the club acquired the two fields south of the windmill. Dr C.A. Mackenzie was the architect for the new holes, greens and bunkers (he designed the Augusta National Course and wrote a book on Golf Course Architecture in 1920). However in 1914 the military took over the course. The club was paid £12 a month compensation. In 1915 half of the course was returned to the club and 12 holes were opened. In 1919 the whole course was returned. The club received £490 compensation. This money was used on a revised course layout in 1920. Turf came from frenchman's Bay, stone from Cleadon Quarry and sand for the bunkers from Cleadon sandpits. In 1922 the verandah was enclosed. Between 1922 and 1928 there were course alterations. 187 acres of land were acquired from the Church Commissioners at Cleadon Hill Farm. In 1925 the holes near the windmill were abandoned. By 1928 the course was the layout that remains today. The committee also decided to give up the 'far field' that contained the second and third greens. This field is now part of Whitburn Golf Club. The North Durham Golf League was set up in 1938 and South Shields was a member. The clubhouse was altered in 1966. In the 1990s land was acquired next to Cleadon Pumping Station. In 2011 a new pavilion was designed by Fitz Architects of Sunderland. It features a living roof, balcony and terraces. Women have been members of the club since it was formed in 1893.




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