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Houghton le Spring, Pottery Yard, Woolen Mill




Wool Manufacturing Site

Woollen Mill

Early Modern


Extant Building

The majority of buildings in Pottery Yard, including a small row of houses known as The Terrace, were demolished in the 1960s. Currently only one detached building remains, an old woollen mill. ???? - 1969 - Clemmet & Grimes, printers, was based in a building in Pottery Yard which originated as a woollen mill, making stockings. The business closed in December 1969. 1970 - The Gilpin Press, printers, opened on June 1st 1970 in the old mill building, and continues to operate from the premises. C2004 - Gilpin Press started to share the old mill building with Ideal taxis. 2010 – The garage attached to the old mill building, which featured a small plaque (No 1609) issued by Houghton Urban District Council’s Rating Department, was converted into an office for Ideal taxis. 2011 – Daglish Photography moved into the upstairs of the old woollen mill in Pottery Yard.



NZ34114996 [Accessed 19th March 2015]

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