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Sunderland, South Dock, Laing Warehouse





Early Modern


Demolished Building

Originally five storeys, later reduced to two storeys, brick, double pitched, hipped slate roof, with original five storey height extended to seven storeys in form of tower with conical slate roof at north west corner. Principal elevations: Tudor arched arcade of five bays with stone capitals and voussoirs. Upper floor of nine bays, five bays wide with similar arcade of three bays and circular opening in first and fifth bays. At the Laing warehouse, constructed 1873-5, is a three storey brick and stone building. Each doorway has two-centred arches and well-moulded string courses. Two lines of wooden roof trusses are supported by square wood posts down the centre. At one corner appears to be a tower of seven storeys though in fact this is all that remains to indicate the original height of the building before it was damaged by fire . It is now occupied by a steel stock-holder {1}. Built in 1874 to provide facilities for general trade. Burnt down in 1915.




<< HER 1703 >> Industrial Archaeology card Henry H. Wake, 1859, Design Perspective -Sunderland Museum Northern Archaeological Associates, 2000, Port of Sunderland, Desk Study

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