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Tyne and Wear HER(17194): Cleadon, Tilesheds Lane, Tilesheds signal box - Details

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S Tyneside

Cleadon, Tilesheds Lane, Tilesheds signal box




Railway Transport Site

Signal Box

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Signal box was first opened in 1875 to control the crossover and siding on the Tyne Dock branch of the GNER railway which separated from the Sunderland to Newcastle main line a few metres south at Cleadon junction. In addition, the signalman monitored the level crossing, opening and closing the wheel-worked gates to let people and carriages along Tileshed Lane. When first opened the box was a standard NER design featuring 15 levers but extensive alterations took place in 1912 to accommodate a 55 lever frame. It was modified again in 1922. It closed in 1988 and later demolished. Accompanying railway cottages remain.




Northern Archaeological Associates, 2015, The Cleadon Village Atlas; p150

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