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N Tyneside

North Shields, Brewhouse Bank, Tyne Brand Buildings

North Shields



Food Preserving Site

Ice Works



Ruined Building

This was the Shields Ice and Cold Storage Company, set up around 1901, to provide an ice factory for fishing trawlers and fish salesmen. Soon domestic users were buying ice for their larders. The first subscribers were Richard Irvin, William H Storey, William Purdy jr, Thomas Melrose, Robert Hastie and George Scott. Around 1903 the company began canning haddock. This was not a success, but canned herrings in tomato sauce were. During the First World War the company canned meat, soup and jam for the army. During the 1920s they introduced canned puddings. In 1942 the company was renamed Tyne Brand Products Ltd. In 1958 the founder's son, Richard Irvin retired and the new chairman was Harold Thompson. In 1961 Tyne brand Products took over Lakeland Food Industries. It later also took over Henry Sutton of Great Yarmouth and St Aubin Brand. In 1967 the company was sold to Spillers Ltd, who converted the factory for pet food production. The factory closed in 1976. The buildings have only been partially occupied since then and have fallen into a state of dereliction. The site comprises 7 buildings. Building 1 is three-storeys and of steel framed construction. Steel roof trusses support timber purlins. The roof covering is missing. The external walls are brick. Concrete floor slabs supported by steel beams. Corbel detailing at eaves. Timber lintels above windows. Windows are original timber frames. No glazing remains. Building 2 is 3 storeys with a flat roof. Brick walls, concrete floor. Small sections of random rubble stonework visible in east elevation at low level. Windows have steel frames, timber frames in southern part of east elevation. Vehicle opening in east elevation now blocked up. Building 3 is three storeys, brick walls, hipped slate roof with timber dormer on west pitch. Ridge ventilation. Vehicle loading door in south elevation. Building 4 is 3 storeys and reinforced concrete framed construction. Exposed columns and ring beams visible externally. Reinforced concrete infill panels between the frame. Tank on roof. Dual pitched steel trussed roof construction with asbestos sheets over. Original timber window frames. Windows blocked up with breeze blocks. Steel door in east elevation. Building 5 is 2 storeys. Brick walls. Timber king post trusses, purlins and common rafters. Roof covering missing. Concrete floor. Single storey offshoot to west with timber decked flat roof. Possible part basement. Two steel trusses at southern end of roof where hoist was once present. Timber window frames. Door in west elevation. Goods lift shaft inside. Building 6 is 3 storeys, steel framed construction and steel roof trusses. North facing roof lights. Roof covering missing. Concrete and suspended timber upper floors. Solid concrete ground floor. Steel window frames on upper floors, timber at ground floor. Inside steel columns every 3m. Running north-south through the centre point of the building is a random stone rubble wall, with brick additions where openings have been formed. Cast iron rainwater downpipes and hopper heads. Building 7 is a detached single storey building on Union Road. Brick walls, sand cement render to front elevation. Metal profiled sheet roof covering to dual pitched roof. Timber window frames. Vehicle loading door in north elevation.




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