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Tyne and Wear HER(17210): Sunderland, Thornhill Terrace, Somerleyton - Details

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Sunderland, Thornhill Terrace, Somerleyton






Early Modern


Extant Building

Constructed 1891 for Wilson Mills Roche in red brick influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement. Owned by J. W. White, builder in 1914. Sold to the Sisters of Mercy for use as a boarding house from Fred Taylor in 1926. At this point the building underwent extensions to include a dining hall, toilets, bathrooms and dormitories. In 1933 Somerleyton is recorded as being occupied by St Anthony's Convent of Mercy. The School moved into this building in 1939-40. Includes a coachhouse to the north of the building. Much of the layout of the original house has remained in place on all three floors. The majority of change has taken place in the 1926 building but also with the addition of an air raid shelter (now cellar) and kitchen modernisation. Several original features, particularly in the western rooms, survive. These include book shelves, fireplaces, cornicing and panelling.




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