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Felling, Garden House



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces

Garden Building

Garden House

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Garden House, labelled on the First Edtiion Ordnance Survey, c1857 set in extensive gardens. A building in this position is shown on the 1826 plan of Felling Estate in the 'Common Garden' and unlabelled on Fryer's Felling Estate Plan of 1809. By 1896 the house seems to have been enlarged but the gardens to the north are now depicted as a field. The gardens to the south are allotments. Garden House is still shown on the 1952 plan. Unclear whether a dwelling or large garden building. Now demolished.




Alan Williams Archaeology, 2009, Brandling Development Site, Felling - Archaeological Assessment; Plan of Felling Estate, 1826, TWAS.DT.BEL/2/290; Fryer's Felling Estate Plan, 1809, NRO ZAN M/18/81

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