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Felling, Felling Farm (Felling House)



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site


Early Modern


Demolished Building

Felling Farm shown on the First Edition Ordnance Survey Plan 1857. Two building ranges are shown. The Felling Farm label is situated next to the eastern most range. By the 1898 plan the western range is labelled Felling Farm while the eastern buildings are Felling House. There were two lodges to the properties built between the mid-late 19th century. They were located on the western edge of the site near the railway line (now on the corner of Abbotsford Road and Green Lane) and at the eastern edge (now Carlisle Street). The eastern lodge is labelled as Heworth Lodge on some plans. Felling House, and lodge, was demolished between 1916-1940 and built over. Felling Farm survived until at least 1952. It is unclear what the relationship between these two building ranges was.




Alan Williams Archaeology, 2009, Brandling Development Site, Felling - Archaeological Assessment

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