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Pottery Lane, warehouse





Early Modern


Extant Building

Warehouse comprising the much altered remains of the former Skinnerburn Iron Foundary (HER 4886). The structure was amalgamated into cattle pens for the Co-operative Warehouse Society Ltd (CWSL) c.1927. The buildings were then adapted for other industrial uses during the 20th century until some elements were converted into residential usage in the recent past. The NW elevation on Pottery Lane is the principal entrance. The interior of the warehouse contains late 19th century elements of older buildings. The warehouse has been subdivided by a recent concrete block wall. The flooring was noted in 2015 as being of modern poured concrete. A steel lintel forming part of the earlier part of the building was was embossed 'Skiningrove England'. The first floor level may have originally been offices but is much altered and may have recently been used as residential accomodation.




Phoenix Consulting Archaeology Ltd, 2015, Forth Banks/Pottery Lane, Newcastle - Archaeological Assessment; TWAS, Plans for redevelopment of warehouse by Co-operative Wholesale Society, 1927; TWAS, Re-development of warehouse by CWS, 1946

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