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Tyne and Wear HER(17244): 9 Forth Banks, warehouse - Details

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9 Forth Banks, warehouse





Early Modern


Extant Building

Warehouse comprising part of the former premises of the Henzell Oil Company which functioned as a storage, blending and distribution facility. The building appears to have been absorbed parts of the Skinnerburn Iron Works when the company expanded (HER 4886). The NE elevation is principal and fronts onto Forth Banks. The ground floor formally communicated with neighbouring buildings via two double width door openings (now blocked). These were probably associated with the Skinnerburn Iron Works rather than the Oil Company. Flooing on the ground floor is of poured concrete. Some modern partitions are present. On the first floor there are timber floorboards and other features such as fireplaces, skirting boards and a ceiling rose. There is a second floor space at the rear of the warehouse this contains timber floorboards, blocked window openings and a modern clad roof.




Phoenix Consulting Archaeology Ltd, 2015, Forth Banks/Pottery Lane, Newcastle - Archaeological Assessment; TWAS Proposed alterations to premises on Forth Banks, 1899

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