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Tyne and Wear HER(17260): Westoe, Westoe Farm - Details

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S Tyneside

Westoe, Westoe Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site


Early Modern


Demolished Building

Westoe Farm first depicted on the tithe plan of 1841. Also known as South Farm and Colley's Farm. Not shown on Richardson's plan of 1769. First owner was probably George Marshall, then let to John and William Moor and then John Lamb after Marshalls death. Farm supposedly had a duck pond in front of the house and that the lane by the side of the farm was closed to traffic. The size of the farm c.1866 was c.45acres. This gradually decreased as the residential area grew.First labelled on 1897 OS plan. Demolished July 1952, the last of the nine farms of Westoe. South Tyneside College built on the site.




The Archaeological Practice Ltd., 2008, South Tyneside College, Westoe Campus, South Shields - Archaeological Assessment

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