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Walker, Middle Street, school







Extant Building

Middle Street School opened 11th January 1932 with two departments - a Central Technical School (Headmaster Mr F L Mills) and a Central Commercial School (Headmaster Mr G Welch). Middle Street School was the first school in Newcastle to use oil fuel for heating purposes and while the classrooms were designed on an open air principle they were designed with sufficent safeguards against the stresses of bad weather. The main building incorporated three enclosed courtyard areas and both departments, each accomodating 480 scholars, comprised a hall, eight classrooms, science lab, science demo room, art room, domestic subjects room and needlework room, while the commercial school also had a commercial room. The school gym was highlighted in publicity material as being an early example of a purpose built structure detached from the main school building and served the dual purpose of changing facilities for pupils using the gym and also pupils from other schools who used the playing pitches. C.1960 the school amalgamated with Heaton Technical School to become Manor Park School. Middle Street School has since become Walker Technology College.




Pre-Construct Archaeology, 2008, Walker Technology College, Middle Street, Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne - Archaeological Assessment

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