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Newcastle, Arthur's Hill




Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Extant Building

An area of Newcastle upon Tyne in the Wingrove ward, north of Westgate Road, south of Studley Terrace and east of Newcastle General Hospital. Located on a hill overlooking the city. Isaac Cookson developed an estate opposite Westgate Hill Cemetery in 1826. It was named after his first son Arthur. The first streets were named after his other sons John, Edward and William. These original streets have all gone now (replaced by blocks of flats). However the rest of the streets of terraced houses, built by the second edition OS map of 1890, still survive. The westernmost street is Gainsborough Grove. The easternmost streets are Beaconsfield Street and Prospect Place. The terraces are brick, two storeys plus attics with dormer windows. Slate roofs. Brick chimneys. Sandstone quoins. The designs of individual streets differ however, presumably because they were built by different builders. Some, like Gainsborough and Brighton Groves have bay windows. Sidney Grove and Studley House and Oxley House on Studley Terrace have decorative sandstone lintels over the ground floor windows. Studley House has a grand corner turret. Some houses have porches. Some have inserted shopfronts. Some are Tyneside flats rather than houses. Stanhope Street is the commercial street with many shops and restaurants.



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