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Tyne and Wear HER(17322): Bensham, Bensham Road, Church of St. Cuthbert, rectory - Details

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Bensham, Bensham Road, Church of St. Cuthbert, rectory




Clergy House


Early Modern


Demolished Building

Rectory shown on OS second edition. [Sarah] Emily Davies (1830 - 1921) lived here in her early life. He father was the rector. She was a feminist, suffragist and a campaigner for women's rights to university education. She co-founded Girton College in Cambridge, the first college in England to educate women. She was born in Carlton Crescent in Southampton. She wrote the article 'Female Physicians' in 1861 and 'Medicine as a Profession for Women' in 1862. In 1862 she moved to London where she edited the English Woman's Journal. She campaigned for a woman's right to education. She was instrumental in girls being admitted to secondary school examinations. She campaigned for the admission of women to London, Oxford and Cambridge universities. As part of the suffrage movement, Davies was involved in the 1866 petition to Parliament for votes for women. She wrote the book 'The Higher Education of Women'. Girton College was founded in 1869. From 1873 - 1875 Davies was mistress of the college. She was secretary until 1904. In June 1901 she received an honorary Doctor of Laws from Glasgow University. In 1906 she headed a delegation to Parliament. In 1910 she published 'Thoughts on Some Questions Relating to Women'. lWomen over 30 were given the vote in 1918 and in 1921 this was extended to those over 1921].



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