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Gateshead, West Street, home of Thomas Bewick



Site of the house where Thomas Bewick (1753-1828), wood engraver and natural history author, lived and died. There is a pink stone plaque on the façade of the West Street post office. Thomas Bewick was born at Cherryburn in Mickley, Northumberland. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to Ralph Beilby in Newcastle. He became a partner in the business in 1776. In 1790 they published 'History of Quadrupeds'. Bewick is best known for 'A History of British Birds' (1797 and 1804). He also illustrated Aesop's Fables. Thomas Bewick is buried in Ovingham churchyard. A marble bust of Bewick was commissioned by the Literary and Philosophical Society in 1825. Edward Hodges Baily was the sculptor. There is a bronze copy of the bust in a niche on the building which replaced his workshop at Amen Corner in Newcastle. The British Museum has a copy. The Lit & Phil still has a copy. There is a full length statue of him on the façade of 45 Northumberland Street.




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