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Hazlerigg rectilinear enclosure (north)





Rectilinear Enclosure



A rectilinear double-ditched enclosure visible on aerial photographs, 80 m long and 60 m wide with internal features (possible hut circles or traces of mining) and a single entrance, visible as a crop mark. Its similarity to comparable excavated sites in the north-east indicates that it is of late Iron Age or Romano-British date. Further settlement remains, including hut circles, lie outside the enclosure. A later measurement indicates that the outer of the two ditches encloses an area 75 metres by 75 metres, with an inner ditch set 10 metres inside it. The site has been investigated by geophysical survey and anomalies interpreted as the remains of two hut circles lie in close proximity to the enclosure. The first, immediately to the north of the northern side of the enclosure, measures 16 metres in diameter. The second, 30 m to the south east of the south-eastern corner of the enclosure, measures 14 m in diameter. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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