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Sunderland, John Street, Joplings Store





Department Store



Extant Building

Department store built in 1956. Basement plus four storeys. The ground floor features a black marble plinth and surround. The first and second floors have a brick and render façade with feature bands of white painted concrete. The corners on St. Thomas Street are white rendered. The third floor has a profiled metal cladding façade with a white painted concrete structure. The fourth floor (offices and stores) was added in the 1960s and is concrete overclad with timber panels and windows. Joplings was established in 1804 by James Jopling. He went into partnership with Joseph Tuer. In 1891 the business was bought by Hedley, Swan & Co as a drapery, clothing and furniture warehouse. They expanded the store to 173-177 High Street. They bought J T Calvert's department store and moved Joplings to 126-129 High Street West in 1919. On 13 December 1954 the store burnt down. It operated from a temporary store on High Street until the new building was built in John Street in 1956. The store featured the first escalator in Sunderland. In 2005 the store was purchased from Merchant Retail Group PLC by Owen Owen Ltd. In 2007 Vergo Retail took over the Owen Owen stores. In 2010 Vergo was placed into administration. Joplings closed that same year.




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