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Benwell, Ferguson's Lane, Green Tree Inn





Early Modern


Demolished Building

The original Green Tree Inn is shown on a map of Benwell dated 1837. A building is marked 'brewery' and there are substantial buildings running east. The inn is shown on the OS first edition of 1859, the second edition of 1890 and the third edition of 1919. Old photos show a sandstone building with sash windows on two storeys and a timber canopy over the central door. The Green Tree was owned by John Dodds of Benwell before its acquisition by Newcastle Breweries. In 1936 the pub was extended and modernised. The owners told the licensing bench that this was necessary because in rush periods there was crowding of customers in passages, yards and outhouses; the increased demand coming from inter-war hosing developments. Licence was revoked in 1997 by mutal consent and demolistion began a year later.




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