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Tyne and Wear HER(17447): Denton Burn, West Road, Denton Hotel - Details

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Denton Burn, West Road, Denton Hotel

Denton Burn



Licensed Premises

Public House



Extant Building

As the housing estates spread to the western fringes of the city new land was sought by brewers. Arrol's aquired land on West Road to build the Denton Burn Hotel. The intention was to construct a modern hotel with bedrooms to be used by motorists. The Denton Hotel opened on Race Wednesday in June 1937. The building was set back from the road, with trees planted round it and dwarf walls round the grounds. In 1939 plans were drawn up for a dining room for resident guests and a lounge for customers on the first floor. The Denton has changed with public tastes over the years. In the early 1970s it became an attractive drive-to-and-eat place with the opening of its Cavalier Steak Bar and lounge.




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