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Tyne and Wear HER(17462): Lemington, Forge Hammer (Tyne Iron) Public House - Details

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Lemington, Forge Hammer (Tyne Iron) Public House




Licensed Premises

Public House

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Forge Hammer Public House. Open in the 1860s. Became the Tyne Iron Hotel and was rebuilt in 1937. The location of the Forge Hammer is assumed to be on the same site but is not certain. The Tyne Iron was bought from the trustees of Lord Rokeby by T & J Benard in 1954. The Tyne Iron was also known as the 'Hairy Man's'. There are many versions as to how the pub got its nickname but they all relate to the appearance of one of the landlords. Bus passengers from Newcastle who frequented the Tyne Iron were called 'Hairy's fairies' by Lemington residents. The Tyne Iron became the New Tyne Iron in 1990 and closed in 1996.




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