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Tyne and Wear HER(17539): Ryton, Cushy Cow Lane, round barrow - Details

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Ryton, Cushy Cow Lane, round barrow



Religious Ritual and Funerary


Round Barrow


Bronze Age

Physical Evidence

Square-ditched enclosure representing a prehistoric funerary monument commonly referred to as a barrow. Prehistoric pottery and fragments of burnt bone were located in a central pit during an evaluation on the site in 2016. A gully traced as a geophysical feature respected the barrow running NNE-SSW to either side of the enclosure. In 2019 a subsequent archaeological strip, map and record was conducted. The excavations further revealed a ring ditch from a Middle Bronze Age round barrow and a central pit which contained cremated bone, four pottery sherds and a fragment of daub providing evidence of funeral practices from the Middle and Late Bronze Age. Two gullies were also excavated, these appear to incorporate the barrow within a later prehistoric field boundary.




AD Archaeology, 2015, Cushy Cow Lane, Ryton, Gateshead - Archaeological Geophysical Survey; AD Archaeology, 2016, Land at Cushy Cow Lane, Ryton - Archaeological Evaluation; AD Archaeology, 2019. Cushy Lane, Ryton, Gateshead: Archaeological Strip and Record

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