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Tyne and Wear HER(17569): Monkwearmouth, Bridge Pottery (Jericho Pottery) - Details

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Monkwearmouth, Bridge Pottery (Jericho Pottery)




Pottery Manufacturing Site

Pottery Works

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Two unnamed buildings are partially drawn on John Rennie's 1826 Map of Sunderland, presumably under construction at the time of the survey. Robson's map of 1827 shows the pottery complex near to completion. The final layout is shown on Stephenson's 1829 Map of Sunderland. Bridge Pottery, known locally as Jericho Pottery, was a small concern manufacturing brownware. It is thought to have been built for Samuel Moore, who had bought Southwick Pottery around 1803 and changed its name to Wear Pottery. Alternatively Bridge Pottery could have been built for William Barker, earthenware manufacturer from Monkwearmouth, listed in Parson's Directory of 1827. The pottery chiefly produced brown glazed ware including bread mugs, stew dishes, flower pots and candlesticks and glazed white pots. The firm was contracted to the government to produce brownware. They exported pottery for the dairy market in Denmark and produced a range of goods for the home market, chiefly sold in the south of England. By 1861 the Bridge Pottery had been taken over by R.T. Wilkinson and leased to Messrs. Glaholm and Robson. It was later taken over by John Patterson. Around 1896 Bridge Pottery was sold to J.W. Snowdon & Co. Production moved to the nearby Sheepfolds Pottery (HER 2752) in 1900.




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