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Heaton, Cochrane Park, pavilion




Sports Building

Sporets Pavilion



Extant Building

The site was given to Armstrong College by Dr Cecil Cochrane, Chair of Armstrong College's Finance Committee, shortly after the First World War to provide playing fields for the students. The earliest part of the building is a groundsman's house of 1922, erected at the expense of George Henderson, Chair of the Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company. Henderson also provided a tea room on the site. The sports pavilion was added in 1923-4, again funded by George Henderson. The total cost was £10,000. The pavilion is a brick building with a red clay tile roof and rendered details. In the middle bay there is a datestone of 1922 and the initials GEH (George Henderson). A continuous verandah runs across the front of the building. The Centre bays break forward to form a balcony under a gable with a clock. The balcony rails carry the Armstrong College arms at the centre, flanked by the monograms for Cecil Cochrane and George Henderson. The balcony and verandah roof are carried on brick piers, rendered on the upper floor, and Doric columns. The upper rooms are lit by large dormer windows. Inside there are large rooms at the middle of each floor, flanked by staircases. Outside these are the changing rooms, showers and lavatories.




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