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Tyne and Wear HER(17588): Callerton, Walbottle Moors Waggonway, branch line - Details

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N Tyneside

Callerton, Walbottle Moors Waggonway, branch line






Post Medieval

Waggonway earthworks crossing field east/west, turning south-east at the east end recorded in 2017 by Archaeological Services Durham University. The earthwork was most apparent at the west end, where the ground had been dug out and mounded up to create a large embankment with irregular ditches on either side. This would have led up to a bridge over the burn (for which no evidence survives). To the east of this bank the ditches joined into a shallow cutting for the waggonway which headed across the field through the ridge and furrow. The waggonway then runs over an earthwork bank in order to cross channel, and continues as a slight bank to the east. The waggonway is associated with the adjacent Walbottle Moors Wagonway (Greenwich Moor).




Archaeological Services Durham University, 2017, Lower Callerton, Topographic Survey

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