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Philadelphia, Bunker Hill Village





Workers Village

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Bunker Hill is a colliery hamlet in the Newbottle township chiefly inhabited by the workmen employed in the adjoining collieries. The earliest reference so far found is on the map accompanying the Newbottle Tithe Award, 1839 (Durham Record Office D/X 755/7), where the owner is listed as David Nesham esq. and the occupier as the Earl of Durham. There are the remains of a farm on the east side of a north to south lane, comprised of brick buildings of the 19th century and 20th century. The only building which could be earlier is the remnant of a small stone structure with hipped pantile roof at the west end of the south range of the main farm complex. On the west side of the lane is a large open space surrounded by trees where there were formerly farm buildings here, including a gin gan. In addition there are traces of a demolished building south of the farm, including colliery offices, dismantled part of the Lambton Railway, disused brick sub-station and disused brick stables.




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