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Ryton, curling ponds



Water Supply and Drainage


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Newcastle Curling Club came to Ryton in 1885. The club had previously played matches at Percy Main, Clousden Hill, Fenham, Axwell Park and Pelaw (HER 17741). At a special meeting on 28th September 1883 the club empowered Messrs Taylor, Waugh and Telford to lease land adjoining Ryton Railway Station which had a large deep water pond. The first match was played at Ryton on 23rd February 1885. There is an account of a curling match at Ryton in the Newcastle Courant, 7th January 1887: 'NEWCASTLE CLUB - The ice on the Ryton pond was in fair good order on Wednesday morning, although the snow was troublesome, and it took the players all their time to keep the pond clear. In the afternoon the weather improved a little, and, the frost continuing, the ice became in first-class order for curling. A good game was played between rinks skipped by Mr R.M. Waugh and Mr Thomas Taylor, the contest ending in favour of the former by 23 shots to 18. A challenge has been received from the Kelso club to play at Ryton on Monday next, with three rings aside, and there is every prospect of this challenge being accepted'. At a special meeting on 16th October 1891, the club agreed to built an artificial pond at Ryton. Messrs Taylor, Waugh and Telford arranged the lease of land and received tenders for the construction of a two rink cement pond. Work began in August 1892. With the use of their deep water natural pond and their two-rink artificial pond, the club was said to be the best equipped in the country. The artificial pond is shown on the OS map of 1898. In 1859 the club had 32 members, in 1869 it had 45, in 1879 it had 38, in 1889 it had 65, in 1892 it had 76 and in 1893 it had 103 members. Robert Heughan, who had founded the club in 1843, had been president six times, Mr W. Wilson eight times, Mr J. Thorburn five times, Andrew Young six times, Alex Laing four times and Mr McConnell three times. The secretary post had been held by Mr J. Thorburn, Mr J. Wilson, Jason Meikle and Mr Telford. Between 1843 and 1893 the club only lost six games.



NZ15486492; Newcastle Courant, Friday 07 January 1887; Newcastle Curling Club, Jubilee Banquet in The Newcastle Courant, Saturday February 25, 1893,

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