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S Tyneside

South Shields, Middle Docks, Office

South Shields



Maritime Office



Extant Building

Middle Docks Office at Hill Street was recorded via a level 3 historic building survey prior to the demolition and redevelopment of the site. The four-storey offices were of Hennebique Principle concrete construction. The building is rectangular in plan with a rounded corner at the north east extent of the building. There were six windows and a central doorway on the Hill Street elevation. Above the doorway there was a painted cast of the company crest. The southern elevation was rendered and marked with an ashlar pattern and painted white/cream. It was constructed in c.1907, at the time of the construction of No. 3 Dock, and was used from 1909. The building was then subsequently modified, and dormer windows were added to the roof extension. In the 1950s Hill Street was widened and front steps were added at the entrance of the building and car parking. Due to the closure of the docks in the late 1980s the building was left disused.




Archaeological Research Services, 2019. Historic Building Recording of Middle Docks Offices, Hill Street, South Shields, report 2019/80

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