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Tyne and Wear HER(17774): Hedgefield, Middle Hedgefield Farm - Details

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Hedgefield, Middle Hedgefield Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Extant Building

Middle Hedgefield farm is shown on the first edition Ordnance Survey map {1} as a collection of buildings lining the south side of the road east of Ryton, between High Hedgefield and Hedgefield House. It comprises a central square building, presumably the farm house, with linear ranges to the east and west, and smaller buildings to the south. Subsequent maps show additional buildings to the west and south of the farmstead. The buildings fronting the street are built of roughly coursed stone with dressed stone quoins and slate roofs. In the western range the windows are square with stone lintels and cills. Several openings at the western end of the street frontage have been blocked. A stone plaque on the east end of the frontage of the main building probably reads 'Middle Hedgefield AD 1846'. The eastern range has only small openings for ventilation and no windows on the street frontage, but has a first floor level window on the west gable overlooking the entrance to the farmyard.




Ordnance Survey first edition map

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