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S Tyneside

Monkton, Bede's Well



Water Supply and Drainage

Water Storage Site




The earliest references to the well associate it with Bede and claim it was customary as late as 1740 to dip diseased children in the well in the hope they would be restored to health. It was also the centre of celebrations on Midsummer Eve. Analternative suggestion is that it was a wishing well or "bedes-well" (bed=prayer), a type known from pre-Conquest documentary sources. In the early 19th century Cuthbert Ellison of Hebburn Hall placed a Latin inscription over (or round) the well, and this has now been renewed. From the late 19th century until recently it was in danger of burial from tipping of slag, and in the early 20th century it was surrounded by a brick wall and iron railings in an attempt to protect it.




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