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Tyne and Wear HER(17803): Cullercoats, berthing channel - Details

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N Tyneside

Cullercoats, berthing channel




Landing Point


Post Medieval


Physical Evidence

Kelvin Wilson, an archaeological illustrator, noticed a wide channel (? For berthing boats) and a long narrow ?drainage channel cut into the rock. These are clearly visible on Google Earth and on site at low tide. In July 2019 archaeologist Colm O'Brien and a group of local volunteers accurately recorded the position of the wide channel and the postholes using GPS.




Kelvin Wilson, illustrator archeologie, 2 October 2018, letter to Newcastle City Council; Greenville Collins, 1679-1693, Great Britain's Coasting-Pilot, map of Collar Coates; Elias Dunford, Captain of Engineers, May 1782, Coastal Survey (National Archives Kew); Mr. Dunn's Diary, 15 August 1816 (Northumberland Archives, Woodhorn), includes a text and an eye sketch of Cullercoats; Ordnance Survey first edition, 1858; John Henry Mole, 1853, watercolour of north beach of Cullercoats; Google Earth 2018; Colm O'Brien, Karl Lowther, Edward Gibney, Rebecca Pedley, July 2019, GPS survey

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