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North Graving Dock, Middle Dock

South Shields



Dock and Harbour Installation





A 20th century graving dock constructed on the eastern bank of the River Tyne at Middle Docks. North Graving Dock was constructed in 1917 at the site of old Holborn Graving Dock and Stone Quay Ship Yard. The North Graving Dock is constructed from reinforced concrete with steel mitre gates. It operated as a dry dock to enable the repair of ships. The dock is aligned on a south-west to north-east alignment. Metal fixtures and fittings include guide rope rings, cast-iron stanchions, cast mooring cleat, service culverts hawse hole and a steel plate with rubber strakes. During the Second World War, in 1941, the dock was extended by c.3m to accommodate wartime Royal Navy cruisers. Between 1950 and 1990 the south east dockside was built over and used as a carpenters, joiners and rigger shop. The site has been left disused since the late 1990s.




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