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Tyne and Wear HER(1795): Whitburn, Lizard Farm,Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery Tyne S - Details

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S Tyneside

Whitburn, Lizard Farm,Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery Tyne S




Anti Aircraft Defence Site

Anti Aircraft Battery




Heavy anti-aircraft defences between Hillhead Poultry Farm to the north and Lizard Farm to the south. Four 3.7 mark 2 gun emplacements with two platforms for quick firing bofers guns behind them. Originally there would have been a command hut, munitions building and mess hut. There were 2 rocket batteries here in 1941-45 when the site was manned by the Home Guard. One of the few anti aircraft defence sites to be retained after 1945. Kept because of the new threat of Russian jets during the Cold War. There was a plan (the igloo plan for the consolidation of air defences) to put new powerful fully automated mark 6 number 5 radar guided guns (yellow river radar system) on the site, but they were never built. Were the associated facilities built? Need to look for a second ring of mounting bolts for the small generator which would have automatically loaded the shells. The command headquarters for this site in 1952 was Melton Park in Gosforth. Site abandoned circa 1954. Designated as Tyne S. Granted SAM status February 2015 for the following principal reasons: it is one of only a handful of complete or near complete WWII gun batteries adapted for service during the Cold War; it is of generally good survival and it has the potential to enhance our understanding of this type of military site. The site comprises a central WWII command post and Cold War command post, gun emplacements, magazines, gun stores, standby power house and radar site.




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