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Tyne and Wear HER(1796): Fellgate, Red Barns Farm, Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery Tyne D - Details

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S Tyneside

Fellgate, Red Barns Farm, Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery Tyne D




Anti Aircraft Defence Site

Anti Aircraft Battery




Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery from World War Two. This example belongs to the pre-War re-armament of 1938, spurred on by the Munich crisis and built according to a programme laid out by the Inskip Plan of November 1937, which provided for 64 guns along the coast from Tyne to Tees. At the time of general mobilisation on August 24th 1939, the Tyne had only 9 guns operational, 4 of which were at Red Barns. Pre-War installations were better built than those constructed during the War years. The site was at its largest in 1944, when it was operated by 608 Battery, 183rd AA Regiment. The four guns were arranged in an arc facing south-east and were served by a number of ancilliary buildings to the south, including the command post, two magasines, gun store, NAAFI canteen, MT workshop and garage and shower block. The battery officer's bungalows were rebuilt in the 1950s and are still occupied. Red Barns was not chosen for re-furbishment in the Cold War (nearby Lizard Farm was preferred) and so represents an exceptional survival of the original design. The site was handed over to the Ministry of Health after the war. LOCAL LIST




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