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Tyne and Wear HER(1798): Tyne Tunnel - Details

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N Tyneside and S Tyneside

Tyne Tunnel







Authorised by Act of Parliament in 1940 to provide a crossing of the river some six miles downstream of the town of Newcastle. Initially two small tunnels were constructed, of 10 feet 6 inch and 12 feet diameter for pedestrians and cyclists, respectively. They were completed in 1951 (HER ref. 1799). Further Acts authorised the vehicle tunnel and this work was undertaken between 1961 and 1967. The tunnel is 5400 feet in length with a 24 feet wide roadway in the 31 feet 3 inch diameter bore; the tunnel is lined with cast iron segments and reaches a maximum depth of 80 feet below Ordnance Datum. The designers were Mott Hay and Anderson; the contractor for the earlier tunnels was Charles Brand and Son Ltd and for the later work Edward Nuttall, Sons and Co. Ltd.




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