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Tyne and Wear HER(1808): Lintzford, Paper Mill - Details

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Lintzford, Paper Mill




Paper Industry Site

Paper Mill

Post Medieval


Extant Building

Site of a water cornmill dating to the 14th century but making paper possibly from 1695, certainly by 1703. It continued making paper until 1922-4 when an ink works were established on the site. Originally water- but later steam-powered. Richardsons Printing Inks was converted to residential use in 1987. The former ink works are now known as Turbine House, probably built in the 1840s, which has been partially demolished. On the northern side of the courtyard is Lintzford House, the mill owner's residence, now converted into two houses. Built in the late 18th century with 19th century additions. On the riverside behind the former ink works is a former mill, now a house. Opposite this is a terrace of workmen's cottages. The mill race, sandstone steps and a sluice, dating to 1840, survives on the southern side of the courtyard. Adjacent to the bridge are two houses, Bridge House (18th century) and Mill House (a 1989 copy).




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