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Benwell, Benwell Cottage






Early Modern


Demolished Building

Built in 1844 {Farrier suggests date unknown} by William Hawthorn, a civil engineer, and sold to the coal-owner J.O. Scott in 1881, from 1906 to 1924 it was occupied by the industrialist Col. William Angus. It was one of many mansions in the then attractive village of Benwell, integrated into the city only in 1904. This house stood on the south side of Ferguson's Lane near the junction with Benwell Lane.In 1875 Hawthorns widow Ann continued to live in the cottage and later Miss Helen Hawthorn in the early 1880s. In 1909 Coloner William Mathwin Angus moved in and lived there until 1924. By 1925 the property was used as a hostel for male trainees to the Royal Victorian School for the Blind. At this time the estate extended to nine acres. Its had originally been 19 acres but over time various pieces were sold for the construction of the reservoir and new pumping engine. In the 1930s, more was sold to the Newcastle Corporation for residential development. In the 1950s the remainder of the estate was sold to the Corporation and the buildings became used as a Civil Defence Corps Training Centre until 1968. The house was demolished in 1972. Sheltered housing now stands on the site.




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