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Longbenton, Benton Park





Country House

Post Medieval


Demolished Building

Benton Park was built in the late 18th century with projecting wings linked to the main block by curving walls or arcades. It was owned by Dixon Brown and later Dixon Dixon of Longbenton and occupied by the former's son-in-law William Clark of Belford Hall, for whom Dobson in 1813 surveyed the estate. It was adjacent to Benton Hall, bounded approximately by the present Coast Road, Etherstone Avenue and Red Hall Drive. At this time known as Benton House and later referred to as Red Hall or even Benton Park Hall, it had become by 1838 the residence of John Potts, a coal-owner, and by 1871 of Edward Liddell (1815-79), formerly of Jesmond Park. It remained in the possession of the Liddells until c.1897, after which it was unoccupied before becoming a Golf Club after the First World War. It was demolished during the 1930s for residential development.




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