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Tyne and Wear HER(1911): Newcastle, Melbourne Street, Tramway Generating Station - Details

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Newcastle, Melbourne Street, Tramway Generating Station




Electricity Production Site

Power Station



Extant Building

A municipal power station and administrative building, designed by Benjamin Simpson and constructed between 1901 and 1904 for Newcastle Corporation built to supply electricity for trams and lighting. A substantial building group in brick and stone with eclectic details and some architectural pretentions. The stained glass windows depicting tramcars and the building's imposing entrance are particular features. The generator hall and offices are built externally in red brick wirh cut and moulded sandstone details. The south wall is lit by 14 tall arched windows, and the north by 16 similar but shorter windows. The east end has been extended, possibly in the 1930s, and is lit by 6 oblong, metal-frmaed windows. The interior of the generator hall is lined with turquoise and white glazed bricks. A well-preserved World War 2 air-raid shelter of brick with steel blast doors and internal hatches survives in the basement. LISTED GRADE 2




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