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Tyne and Wear HER(1916): Ouseburn, Hume Street, Ouseburn Bottle Works - Details

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Ouseburn, Hume Street, Ouseburn Bottle Works




Glassmaking Site

Bottle Works

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

First shown on 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map map as "Glass Works". Built on the site of Maling's Ouseburn Bridge Pottery (HER 4967). Run by Liddle-Henzel partnership (see HER 1913-5). In 1997 within a warehouse building on this site, a chimney base survived and a probable tank furnace base (concreted-over void). Chimney base demolished by 1998. Five flue-arches leading towards this void can still be seen alongside the public footpath above the Ouseburn. The flues have been plugged with concrete. The are built with 'Snowball' fireclay bricks made at the Swalwell Fireclay Works (1876-1938). The arch of a larger flue entry can be seen in the river wall from Cut bank Bridge. There is some earlier stonework visible in the walls of the Quay Timber site on Hume Street, including sandstone blocks in the north wall along Cut Bank, and a blocked up brick arch. There are two blocked up brick arches in the eastern wall of the adjacent Heaney Car Centre. The western wall of the car centre is constructed of a patchwork of brick of various rebuilds. Along the southern end of the site is a sandstone wall and a set of steps leading down to the Ouseburn (shown on Oliver's map of 1831). The area was excavated in 2013 by ARS. Structural features relating to the bottleworks included a large enclosed structure which incorporated up to four phases of pot furnaces including a significant later extension housing a range of pot furnaces and annealing ovens. The level of survival of structural material from the Ouseburn Bottleworks indicates a thriving and substantial industrial concern.




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