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Whickham, Long Hill



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces

Tree Enclosure Ring

Post Medieval



A hill said to be surrounded by a ditch and outer bank {1}. Recommended as an area with potential C17 coal workings including shafts, adits and wagonways. Several features were identified, but these were all much later and of minor importance. No evidence of surface C17 features, but potentially important undisturbed underground workings {2}. A small domed hill (natural geological outcrop) surrounded by a low earthen bank. Probably a mid to late 18th century landscape improvement associated with the original entrance to Gibside. The bank would have been topped by either fencing or dead-hedging and its purpose was to protect the young trees until they were established. Once the tree had reached a degree of maturity, the fence was removed or the dead-heading allowed to disperse. These copses provided landscape interest, provided timber and game cover. The visible rubble, narrowness of the bank, the overlaying of ridge and furrow and the mature conifer and broadleaf trees shown on the historic OS maps all suggest this site type.




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