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Throckley, Throckley House (South Farm)



Agriculture and Subsistence



Early Modern


Extant Building

Throckley House does not appear on the tithe map of 1847 (NCRO DT 448 M). The house and farm buildings are shown on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map 6" map. The two east bays of the house, with the central bay window, are not shown on the plan. The 1851 census return gives the following for Throckley House: Wm Stephenson and family and servants, farmer of 6000 acres employing 40; Robson family, Guy family and Davison family, farm labourers. The farm became known as South Farm in the 20th century (post 1920). Its surviving buildings were recorded in 2008 by Peter Ryder and The Archaeological Practice Ltd ahead of redevelopment. The buildings recorded were the Outer North Range/Granary, Gingang, North Range, Western Loose Box and Inner West Range, West Range, East Range, Eastern loose Box, Outer West Range and the Bottom Stables. Several points of interest were raised during the recording: 1- that there are a series of houses and cottages to accommodate farnm workers integrated ino the main comples, 2 - the conversion of the gingang to house a steam engine. This may be the only surviving example that demonstrates the transition from horse to steam engine and 3- an unusual loft/passage over the Inner West Range.




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