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Tyne and Wear HER(199): Hadrian's Wall, Wallsend Fort - St. Francis Presbytery (WM1) - Details

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Newcastle and N Tyneside

Hadrian's Wall, Wallsend Fort - St. Francis Presbytery (WM1)




Frontier Defence



Demolished Building

Foundations of the wall were located in 1929 in 3 places between the south side of Buddle St (where the 2 surviving courses were bonded with the West gate of Wallsend Fort) and Benton Way, a further piece being exposed in this stretch in 1988. In 1973 a piece was exposed east of the Avenue. In 1929, north of Buddle St and north of Wall, "the south lip of the ditch was located leaving a berm about 20 feet wide". Further west the ditch showed as a "chain of ponds". Remains of the Military Way were found in the form of a metalled surface 17 feet wide, without kerbs, under the so-called tumulus at NZ 2941 6568. No certain locations have been determined for either Milecastle 1 or Turret 0b. Milecastle 1 was located 1443 yards west of the fort, 60 yards west of Stott's Pow, by the surveyor MacLauchlan in the mid-19th century, but no founds were discovered at this site in 1928. Turret 0b is usually located at the Grange, and was apparently found during building in 1886, but may have been destroyed when Stott's Road was extended in 1936. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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