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Tyne and Wear HER(207): Hadrian's Wall, Benwell Grove to Benwell Hill (Wall mile 6) - Details

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Hadrian's Wall, Benwell Grove to Benwell Hill (Wall mile 6)




Frontier Defence



Demolished Building

The Wall is thought to run from the 'deduced' site of Milecastle 6 under West Road until west of Benwell Fort, when it returns to the south side to the 'inferred' site of Milecastle 7 just west of the end of St.Cuthbert's Road. Milecastle 7 may have been quarried away or destroyed in lowering the road, but some think its site was further west, on Denton Bank. The curtain wall has not been discovered on this stretch in modern times. The Vallum used to be visible south of the General Hospital (where it is traditionally located by subsidence cracks in houses south of West Road). It was located by excavation west of Condercum Road in 1928, 77 yards south of the presumed line of the wall, and its diversion was traced around the south side of Benwell Fort. Its line west of the fort was not confirmed in 1978. Turret 6a is deduced to lie east of the fort. Turret 6b was recorded in 1751 during construction of the Military Road, but there is some disagreement as to its position west of the fort. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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