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Tyne and Wear HER(2072): North Shields, Smith's Dock (Number 7 Graving Dock) - Details

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N Tyneside

North Shields, Smith's Dock (Number 7 Graving Dock)

North Shields



Dock and Harbour Installation


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

A graving dock was constructed on the Limekiln Shore in 1850 for T&W Smith. This was adapted in the early 1920s to a more symmetrical shape by Sir William Arroll Engineers. Probably originally of stone construction, now concrete, it is skewed at c.35 degrees to the riverside, with asymmetric sides and a curving symmetrical forward end. Two sets of stairs access the dock, one aft, one forward. The Flap gate designed by a Mr Edward Box and built by Sir William Arroll Engineers is probably still in place but lowered into its recess at the dock head. During this adaptation of the dock, a new pumping system was also installed, set into a sunken chamber at the southern end of the dock. Presently the dock measures 90.5 metres long by 15.8 metres wide and 5.15 metres deep. It survives as a shell within the derelict yard, with all equipment and fixtures removed.




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