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Hadrian's Wall, Benwell Fort (Condercum)







Demolished Building

The fort measured 581 feet north-south by 417 feet east-west, and covered 5.64 acres. Though its existence was known, its hill-top site a reservoir was built over the northern third of the site in 1858 and enlarged in 1957. The West Road crosses the fort from east-west, lying over the gates and the north frontages of the principal buildings (from east-west: the Commanding Officer's house, HQ building (notable for its underground strongroom and settling tank), twin granaries and workshop). Behind was the via quintana, running between the minor gates, south of that a hospital, barracks, etc., and to the south of these a probable double stable blocks inside the twin-portalled south gate and rampart. Other buildings, including the Vallum crossing, have been found outside the fort and are indexed separately. After the 1920s-1930s excavations the southern two-thirds of the fort became a housing estate. A dedication tablet suggests building began 122/124A.D; pottery indicates a rebuild at the end of the 2nd century and that occupation lasted into the late 4th century. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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