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N Tyneside

North Shields, Collingwood's Dock

North Shields



Dock and Harbour Installation


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

A dock was constructed in the 1750s to the south of the Bull Ring by the landowner Edward Collingwood. John Fryer’s Map of the Lower Tyne, 1772/3,describes it as ‘Mr Hall’s Dock’ (presumably the tenant), while Wood’s map of North Shields, 1827, shows the same dock with ‘Mr Laing’ written next to it, and Calver’s map of the Tyne, 1838/40, describes it as ‘Smith’s Dock’. The dock had in fact been utilised by T&W Smith from 1815 for an uncertain period. The dock was subsumed within Edwards and Sons yard in 1883. In 1899 the yard became part of the amalgamated Smith’s Dock Co.




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