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Tyne and Wear HER(210): Hadrian's Wall, Turret 7b (Denton Hall) - Details

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Hadrian's Wall, Turret 7b (Denton Hall)

East Denton



Frontier Defence




Ruined Building

This turret was located in 1928 and excavated by the North of England Excavation Committee in 1929 under the direction of E.B. Birley. It is recessed 5 feet into the Broad Wall, here over 9 feet thick, measures internally 13 feet north-south, 14 feet east-west, and survives in places to 6 courses high. The entrance is at the east end of the south wall; it was suggested that there had been a window in the east wall. Three periods of occupation were dentified (broadly: second, third & fourth centuries), but the evidence was much damaged. LISTED GRADE 1, SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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